This season we have match practise for only the County Men and Chelmsford men teams. These teams have partnerships and will see the most benefit from match practise, whereas all other teams (except the Chelmsford mixed 6, who on the whole are more established partnerships) play ‘medley’ style and are more able to get practise on club nights. Match practise will take place on Mondays on the end court.

Match Practice is designed to complement the whole club in giving team players and partnerships within those teams the opportunity to gain the sharpness and understanding to compete within their leagues. Match Practice will also serve to help the committee gain a good knowledge of players improving abilities / pairings when choosing teams for future seasons.

Please see the rules beneath the table.

Date Team
 23/9/19  Chelmsford men
 30/9/19  County men
 14/10/19  Chelmsford men
 28/10/19  County men
 4/11/19  Chelmsford men
 2/12/19  County men
 9/12/19  Chelmsford men
 6/1/20  County men
 20/1/20  Chelmsford men
 3/2/19  County men
 2/03/20  County men

Match Practice Rules

1. Match Practice will take place every Monday throughout the main season on the end court only, leaving the remaining 3 courts for all attending members on Club Night Peg board.

2. Each team will have 1-2 hours of practice approximately every 4th week.

3. The match court should contain 6-8 players dependant on the team members available on the night. If the Match practice court is evidently short of players on the night for what ever reason, players from club night may be invited to join the match practice court, preferably fringe team members at discretion on the team captains.

If Court appears to be undermanned on the night and there is high attendance at club then Members of the committee may ask team captains to take players into their practice session.

Team Captains from each team are to notify team members when they have match practice.

Team Captains are also to ensure at least 6 people are playing/rotating on the court.